Movie Excerpt:"Talking in the House"

*Courtesy Sony Pictures Classics*
Movie:Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Script Excerpts:  Michelle Yeoh (Yui Hsui Lien) &
ChowYun-Fat (Li Mu Bai) Talking over tea in the House

MichelleYeoh:   Have some Tea
Chow Yun-Fat:   Shu Lien
                            The things we can touch have no permanence.
                            My master would say…
                            There is nothing we can hold onto in this world.
                            Only by letting go can we truly possess what is real.
MichelleYeoh:   Not everything is an illusion.
                            My hand…
                            wasn’t that real?
Chow Yun-Fat:   Your hand, rough and callused from saber practice…
                            All this time, I've never had the courage to touch it.
                            Giang Hu is a world of tigers and dragons…
                            full of corruption…
                            I tried sincerely to give it up…
                            but I have brought us only trouble.
MichelleYeoh:   To repress one’s feelings only makes them stronger.
Chow Yun-Fat:   You’re right. -But I don’t know what to do.
                            I want to be with you…
                            just like this..
                            It gives me a sense of peace.
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